The project

Referring to the unofficial twinnings that reflect Berlin’s current immigrant population instead of the official equivalents of the city, the project explores the city’s long tradition of urban horticulture and reveals ideas of health in the widest sense: as balance and imbalance as well as on a societal and personal level, looking at how people navigate and share resources within a city.

martedì 20 settembre 2011

Full immersion at Synapse | 6-11 Sept.




Lecture Æther- between Cosmology and Consciousness by artist Christoph

Eylem Sengezer and Elena Agudio listening to Christoph

Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung and Christian de Lutz listening to Valerie Smith

Floating Food guided tour with curator Valerie Smith

Floating Food by Ulrike Ottinger at HKW

Floating Food bis by Ulrike Ottinger at HKW

Floating Food tris by Ulrike Ottinger at HKW

All of us listening to our presentations

All of us at Bethanien

Healthy food for Trine Friis Sorensen and Flora Lysen


Christoph Tannert about Bethanien

All of us listening to Christoph Tannert

Back home

Prof. Dr. Ernst Pöppel

Pay attention for 3 second

Guided Tour through Pia Lindman’s exhibition Poison and Play by Valerie Smith

Just a different view

Brandon LaBelle

Pia Lidman and "Synapses" at the cafe

Cafe again

NOT Boros collection

Alvis Choi, Richard Streitmatter-Tran, Adele Tan

Guided tour at Boros Collection, permanent collection

going to

Preview Art Fair

arrived,  but nothing to see

Hoffmann collection, breakfast and SLIPPERS!

Hoffmann house

Hoffmann library

game over

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