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Referring to the unofficial twinnings that reflect Berlin’s current immigrant population instead of the official equivalents of the city, the project explores the city’s long tradition of urban horticulture and reveals ideas of health in the widest sense: as balance and imbalance as well as on a societal and personal level, looking at how people navigate and share resources within a city.

mercoledì 20 aprile 2011

Une blanquette de veau

a recipe by fredji powell

Where are you from?
I come from France, my father is american and my mother is french.

Why did you come to Berlin?
I lived in Barcelona before for long time and i learned german there, after the spanish language, and somewhen I wanted to speak the leanguage, to go there where german is spoken, and Berlin because it sounded romantic.

Which food can you not find in Berlin from your country ?
Well, I didn't really have the impression that there is or there isn't a particular food,
I never really made myself this question. I cook myself very much.At home we have always eaten very mixed, american mixed with french, a lot of chinese... When I miss something for example a good quiche or something like that then I cook it myself and the ingredients for it are easy to find.

What is your favourite recipe form your country?
Th quiche, you can throw everything inside it, and it's always delicious with crème fraiche, with eggs and with emmental cheese. The classic quiche is also with diced bacon, then you make a "Pâte brisée", it' like a dough, and then it can be with vegetables or meat, you can eat it cold, warm, it is always delicious.

Did you cultivate fruit, vegetables, herbs in your country?
Well I am really grown up in the countryside until 17 years old.
There we always planted carrots, salads, and vegetables, but since when I am travelling around I didn't really had the opportunity, this is the first 
garden where I think I will become member and make something.

Do you cultivate fruits, vegetables, herbs  in Berlin?
I would like to grow fruit trees, for example I would like Cherry trees.

What food, herbs or vegetables is used in your country for medicinal purposes?
Well that I know, that there is here as well like sage for throat infection, also for the stomac I think or for digestion, thyme in any case and lavande, from which there is quite a lot in south France and I know that it should be good for calming , for children for example.

Fredji Powell, France, Pyramiden Garten

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