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Referring to the unofficial twinnings that reflect Berlin’s current immigrant population instead of the official equivalents of the city, the project explores the city’s long tradition of urban horticulture and reveals ideas of health in the widest sense: as balance and imbalance as well as on a societal and personal level, looking at how people navigate and share resources within a city.

giovedì 26 maggio 2011

Probably 99% are Germans.

We have few gardeners with migrant background, foreigners as it was once said, above all Vietnamese. We have over 5000 allotment holders, among these there are maybe 50 who are not originally German. This is really a minority, probably 99% are Germans.
Holger Thymian, German, office of Bezirksverband der Kleingärtner Berlin-Weißensee e.V.

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